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We are a republic: We believe that when it comes to coming up with BIG BRAND ideas for your business it doesn’t matter whether our creatives have done four years at art school or forty years at the School of Life.

Norwich Creative Republic is a revolving door for local talented creatives and people who know how to build brands, get the public on side and sell products. We find that by encouraging our people to spread their wings they keep coming back to us.

The following people are at the heart of Norwich Creative Republic …

Nick Applin


Justin Bamforth


Love of design since the late ‘80s; funky furniture designer and maker in the ‘90s; Techy in the ‘00s; designer of awesome websites for organisations in Norwich, Norfolk and further afield since 2012.

Entirely self-taught designer; from furniture maker to network manager; recommended Education Sector specialist; starting-up website business; getting married and having two beautiful children – Mia and Harry; None of it necessarily in that particular order.

Good at:
Taking things from concept to construction; understanding what clients want to achieve – and how to make it happen; knowing what will look good; multi-tasking; learning new tricks.

Best part of the job:
Seeing great-looking websites go live; happy clients; feedback that a new website has made a real difference to an organisation; finding solutions; eat, sleep, design, repeat.

Kirsty Favell


Creative writer since the ‘80s; English and Sociology degree in the ‘90s; various creative agencies and local government campaigns manager in the ‘00s; living the freelance writer dream since 2011.

Written for national brands; undertaken research which has informed central government campaigns; worked on award-winning publications; you name it – she’s probably written about it at some stage.

Good at:
Processing a lot of information quickly; interpreting exactly what clients want to say about their brand without them needing to find the words themselves; getting the job done with minimal fluff or faff, then saying ‘bosh’.

Best part of the job:
Pleasantly surprising clients; ideas coming out of nowhere; when there’s been a blank page for ages and it suddenly all comes together.

If you’re interested in working for a different kind of agency, where flexibility runs both ways, everyone is equal and good ideas reap rewards, talk to us.

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