Why ‘bottoms up!’ brings out the best in brands



Post by Nick Applin

It’s true that people often have their best ideas after a tipple or two. It’s also true that people have some of their worst ideas after a tipple or two. However, that’s not the ‘bottoms up’ we’re talking about here. What we’re actually talking about is how our unique, collaborative ‘bottom up’ process is at the start and the heart of our very best work. But if that was the headline you’d never have clicked on this story would you? And since you’re here …

Putting a little extra in at the beginning of any project can make a huge difference further down the line. When a client engages us for a new website or print project, we follow a couple of initial steps to make sure we get off to the right start every time.

Step 1: The kick-off meeting

This initial planning session is vital. It involves all the people who’ll work on the project from our side and yours. It’s a good opportunity for everyone to meet face to face. We’ve found that this familiarity really helps projects run more smoothly – everyone is more willing to pick up the phone to talk something through if they know who’s on the other end!

Step 2: The project questionnaire

Once we’ve met, we’ll often ask you to complete a short questionnaire. This helps all of us focus on exactly where you are and exactly where you want to be. Clients find this part of the process really useful in helping them take a step back from the day-to-day running of their business and think about the bigger picture.

“Putting a little extra in at the beginning of any project can make a huge difference further down the line.”

Step 3: The exploration meeting

Once we’ve had time to digest the questionnaire response, we usually have a second meeting. This allows us to dig a bit deeper and find out more about what you want to achieve. We can get a better understanding of your business and, more importantly, the customers you’re trying to reach.

These exploration meetings tend to take place away from the client’s workplace as it makes for fewer distractions and helps keep everyone focused. We recommend as many members of the team as possible come along. Inevitably, people have different ideas and it’s good to capture them all in one go so we don’t miss anything.

By discussing your vision and collecting everyone’s ideas early in the project, we can make sure the final product exceeds everyone’s expectations. We can tackle any potential differences of opinion early and find a solution everyone is happy with. It also helps minimise something we like to call ‘scope creep’ – where projects grow and metamorphose over time. If everyone is clear at the beginning, we know we’re all heading in the same direction.

During this meeting, we’ll draw up a project plan which details how we’re going to proceed.

Step 4: Bottoms up

We find this collaborative, ‘bottom up’ process makes for a happier working partnership and more successful completed projects. At which point we may very well all *actually* be saying ‘bottoms up’.

Nick Applin

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